Winter Pearl Tree Cookies
Prep time: 90 Minutes
Yields: 12 Servings



12 tree shaped sugar cookies

1 Pouch Cake Mate® Cookie Icing in White

1 Bottle of Cake Mate® White Shimmer Sugar

1 Bottle of Cake Mate® Pearls


STEP 1 Bake 12 of your favorite rolled sugar cookies, shaped as trees.

STEP 2 Let cookies cool completely.

STEP 3 Carefully decorate the sugar cookies with Cake Mate® white cookie icing. Optional : Before the icing dries, top with sugar or pearls. Allow icing to set before adding the next layer of icing and sprinkles.

EXPERT TIP: Outline the shapes of the trees, then fill in the shapes.

STEP 4 Using Cake Mate® cookie icing, pipe thin lines and dots on the dried base layer of icing. Before icing dries coat with sugar or decorate with pearls.

EXPERT TIP: If you are adding sugar to your lines, do one color at a time and allow icing to set between.

STEP 5 Allow cookies to set at least 1 hour before serving.

Celebrate & Enjoy!