Martini Cookies
Prep time: 30 Minutes
Yields: 18 - 24 Servings



2 dozen of your favorite sugar cookies

1 Martini cookie cutout

Red Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

Black Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

White Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

1 Bottle Cake Mate® White Decorating Sugar

1 Package Cake Mate® 8-pack Decorating Tips


STEP 1 Bake Martini-shaped sugar cookies.

STEP 2 Let Cookies cool completely.

STEP 3 Using Red Cake Mate® cookie Icing, fill in the triangular part of the martini glass.

STEP 4 Using White and Black Cake Mate® cookie icing, alternate the stem color for accent and add a white topper to your glass.

STEP 5 Using Cake Mate® White Decorating Sugar, dip the rim of the glass in the sugar.

STEP 6 Using White Cake Mate® cookie icing, add a swirl to finish off your drink!

Celebrate & Enjoy!