Martini Cookies
Prep time: 30 Minutes
Yields: 18 - 24 Servings


Celebrate your best friend with this cookie version of your favorite Martinis!

Cheers to great friends! Down to the sugar rim detail, these Martini cookies might be better than the original.


2 dozen of your favorite sugar cookies

1 Martini cookie cutout

Red Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

Black Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

White Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

1 Bottle Cake Mate® White Decorating Sugar

1 Package Cake Mate® 8-pack Decorating Tips


Step 1 Bake Martini-shaped sugar cookies.

Step 2 Let Cookies cool completely.

Step 3 Using Red Cake Mate® cookie Icing, fill in the triangular part of the martini glass.

Step 4 Using White and Black Cake Mate® cookie icing, alternate the stem color for accent and add a white topper to your glass.

Step 5 Using Cake Mate® White Decorating Sugar, dip the rim of the glass in the sugar.

Step 6 Using White Cake Mate® cookie icing, add a swirl to finish off your drink!

Celebrate & Enjoy!