Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes
Prep time: 45 Minutes
Yields: 18 - 24 Cupcakes



1 Box of your favorite cake mix

Orange Cake Mate® Tube Icing

Black Cake Mate® Tube Icing

Black Cake Mate® Writing Icing

1 Package Cake Mate® 8-pack Decorating Tips

1 Package Cake Mate® Metallic Polka Dot Baking Cups


Step 1  Bake cupcakes using Cake Mate® Metallic Polka Baking Cups.

Step 2  Let cupcakes cool completely.

Step 3  Using Orange Cake Mate® Tube Icing, cover the cupcake top entirely with orange icing.

Step 4  Using the Black Cake Mate® Writing Icing, create a small circle in the center of the cupcake top.

Step 5  Create two or three more slightly larger black circles around the first to create a “bullseye” pattern.  

Step 6  Starting at the top most edge of the cupcake, use a toothpick and drag from the edge towards the center of the cupcake.

Step 7  Then, clean and use the toothpick to create another line about ½ an inch away from the previous. This time moving from the center of the cupcake outward toward the edge.

Step 8  Repeat steps 6 and 7 around the cupcake alternating inward and outward lines until the web is formed.

Step 9  Finish with a piped star at the very center of the web using Black Cake Mate® Tube Icing fastened with a #2D decorating tip.

Celebrate & Enjoy!