Decorating with ease

Decorating with ease

Add a personal touch to your desserts with Cake Mate’s icings, ​sprinkles, candles, baking cups and many more tools to create great looking desserts that show how much you care.

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    Cake Mate’s ready-to-decorate icings make it easy to achieve great looking results. Choose from a wide variety of colors for any occasion to make your creations uniquely yours.

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    Decorating Tools

    Now it’s easy to achieve expert looking results with Cake Mate® decorating bags and tips. Select one of eight tips, fill a decorating bag with your favorite frosting or attach to Cake Mate® icing tube to create stylish personalized desserts.

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    Writing Gel

    Personalize your desserts with Cake Mate Writing Gels. Select from a variety of colors and write a message with our precision tip to add your special touch.

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    Add that special touch to your cakes, cupcakes and cookies with Cake Mate® sprinkles, decorating sugars and pearls. Offered in a wide variety of colors, shapes and finishes to decorate stylish desserts with ease.

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    Birthday Candles

    Offered in a variety of themes and shapes, our stylish birthday candles will add the perfect touch to any birthday celebration.

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    Cupcake Liners

    Add flair to your cupcakes with Cake Mate® Cupcake Liners. Foil-lined and fade-resistant, they come in an array of patterns, themes, and vibrant finishes to make your cupcakes the centerpiece of any celebration.