Superstar Sugar Cookies
Prep time: 30 Minutes
Yields: 12 Cookies


Every superstar deserves a beautiful sweet treat every now and then!

These Superstar Sugar Cookies are the perfect dessert for your next nautical, mermaid or under the sea themed party. Bake, decorate and celebrate in just a few minutes with Cake Mate®.


12 star shaped sugar cookies

Moonlight (White) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

Uptown (Blue) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing


Step 1  Bake 12 of your favorite star shaped sugar cookies.

Step 2  Let cookies cool completely.

Step 3  Carefully decorate the sugar cookies with Moonlight (White) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing. Let the icing dry for two to three minutes.

Step 4  Finish by creating small and medium sized polka dots with the Uptown (Blue) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing on top of the white icing layer.

Step 5  Repeat Step 3 and 4 on all remaining sugar cookies alternating with blue and white icing for a variety of cookie designs.

Celebrate & Enjoy!