Spring Flower Sugar Cookies
Prep time: 45 Minutes
Yields: 12 - 18 Cookies


These adorable flower decorated sugar cookies will have you saying, “Hello, Spring!”

Made with just a few Cake Mate® ingredients, these Spring Flower Sugar Cookies will cheer up any occasion. These cookies are the perfect dessert for your next baby shower, Easter or Mother’s Day celebration.


12 – 18 flower shaped sugar cookies

Moonlight (White) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

Uptown (Blue) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

Red Cake Mate® Cookie Icing

1 Bottle Cake Mate® White Pearl Decors

1 Tube Cake Mate® Green Tube Icing (optional)

1 package Cake Mate® Decorating Tips 8-Pack (optional)


Step 1  Bake 12 – 18 of your favorite flower shaped sugar cookies.

Step 2  Let cookies cool completely.

Step 3  Carefully decorate the sugar cookies with Uptown (Blue) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing. Let the icing dry for two to three minutes.

Step 4  Using the Moonlight (White) Cake Mate® Cookie Icing, create a large circle at the center of the cookie.


Step 5  Carefully place Cake Mate® White Pearl Decors on the cookie center in any pattern you wish to finish decorating the flower cookie.

Step 6  Repeat Step 3 through 5 on all remaining sugar cookies alternating with blue and red icing for a variety of cookie designs.

Step 7 (Optional)  Pipe stems and leaves onto the serving platter for an added touch. Simply attach the #3 (stem) and #352 (leaves) decorating tips to the Green Tube Icing to create a stem and leaf for each cookie.

Celebrate & Enjoy!