Sparkle Tulip Cupcakes
Prep time: 30 Minutes
Yields: 18 Servings


Nothing says “Spring is here!” better than tulips.

These decorative Sparkle Tulip Cupcakes can be made in a snap with just a few new Cake Mate® products.


1 Package Cake Mate® Green Striped Cupcake Liners

1 Package Cake Mate® Sparkle Tulip Cupcake Picks – Coming Soon!

1 Bottle Pastel Green Sugar

1 Box Cake Mate® Decorating Bags

1 Package Cake Mate® Decorating Tips

Your Favorite Buttercream Icing

Your Favorite Cupcake Mix


STEP 1 Bake your favorite flavor cupcakes in Cake Mate® Green Stripe Cupcake Liners.

STEP 2 Using a piping bag & tip #5, pipe tiered layers of icing on top of cupcake.

STEP 3 Sprinkle layers with green pastel sugar.

STEP 4 Place Sparkle Tulip Cupcake Pick in center of cupcake.

Celebrate & Enjoy!