Fashionista High Heel Cupcakes
Prep time: 9 Servings
Yields: 2 Hours


Don’t let these treats fool you; they’re edible, not wearable! Quite possibly the best dessert for the shoe maven in your life, Fashionista High Heel Cupcakes use graham crackers as the sole and are bedazzled in a variety of colorful Cake Mate® Cupcake Gems for a sparkly pop.


1 box Cake Mix + ingredients to prepare

1 sleeve graham crackers

4 oz white melting chocolate, melted

18 Pirouline Cookies

1 pouch Cake Mate® Blue Bakery Icing

1 tube Cake Mate® Black Decorating Gel

1 jar Cake Mate® Silver Sugar Cupcake Gems

1 jar Cake Mate® Pearlescent Sugar Cupcake Gems

1 jar Cake Mate® Nonpareils

1 jar Cake Mate® Pearl Cupcake Gems

Assorted Cake Mate® Cupcake Liners

1 pouch Betty Crocker® White Cookie Icing

1 can Betty Crocker® Cloud White Cupcake Icing

1 can Betty Crocker® Pink Cupcake Icing

1 can Betty Crocker® Pink Cake Icing


STEP 1  Mix, bake in liners, and cool cupcakes according to cake mix directions.

STEP 2   While cupcakes are baking, start making the “sole”. Use a sharp knife to cut 1 graham cracker in half. Next, cut about ½ inch triangles off adjacent corners of the halved cracker. Repeat with remaining graham crackers.

STEP 3  Use the White Cookie Icing to ice the tops of each cut graham cracker. Let dry for 4 hours before continuing.

STEP 4  Pour out the décors you will be using to outline the soles onto a small plate. Outline the soles with White Cookie Icing, then dip in décors. Allow to dry for 4 hours before placing into cupcake.

STEP 5  When cookies are dry, assemble cupcakes. Scoop a small amount of cupcake out of the side of each cupcake with a spoon. Cut Pirouline Cookies to desired length, cutting at the diagonal. Use melted white chocolate to glue the cookie to the graham cracker. Dip the other end of the graham cracker into the white chocolate then place into carved out cupcake.

STEP 6  To make the zebra cupcake, cover cupcake with a layer of White Cupcake Icing. Use the Black Decorating Gel to make stripes.

Celebrate & Enjoy!